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Amy Lutz nails it again with this compelling piece on housing choice in Spectrum News.

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Presume Beneficence – Psychology Today

Bravo to Amy Lutz who says that “parents are part of the autistic and I/DD communities, not the enemy.”

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Report to the Ford Foundation: Homes For Life Planned Community in DE

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Homes for Life report to the Ford Foundation that outlines plans for building an intentional community in Delaware.

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Rolling Stone Feature – Luke’s Best Chance: One Man’s Fight for His Autistic Son

The compelling feature by Pulitzer Prize-winning Paul Solotaroff, “Luke’s Best Chance” is generating a lot of buzz in the disabilities world. Self-advocates and ideologues are calling the article “dehumanizing” while many parents are praising the article for shedding a light on issues impacting individuals with severe disabilities.

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Jill Escher: “The Impossible Odds of Creating Autism Housing Are Getting More Impossible”

In Jill Escher’s recent piece, she maintains that “We should be collectively ashamed at our abject failure to create viable housing options for DD adults in our communities.” She also responds to Paul Solotaroff’s Rolling Stone article, “Luke’s Best Chance.”

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Ceremony Marks Opening of Loveland Village Apartments

About 300 people gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony that marked the grand opening of the Nancy Detert Residences at Loveland Village.

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Thank you to Senator Cathy Cloutier (FSU’s May Guest Speaker)

Thank you to Senator Cathy Cloutier, Cathy Cowin, and Amy Gutowski! We had three great speakers at our last meeting. Senator Cloutier explained how the Joint Finance Committee works and ways we, as FSU members, can effectively lobby in Dover. Cathy Cowin, a transition specialist in the Christina School District, shared how to best help …

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“The Power of a Dream” Video from Homes for Life Foundation

Homes for Life Foundation has built 25 homes in 23 years for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Watch this video that shows some of the beautiful homes the foundation has built over the years and the residents who are thriving independently in them.

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The Villages at Noah’s Landing Nears Completion

The $17.5 million project is on schedule, having broken ground last February, and should see its first residents by late April or early May.

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#ChoiceFirst Video: “My Uncle Will”

Please watch this lovely video about Uncle Will, one among many others with I/DD who deserve to live in homes and communities of their #ChoiceFirst.   #ChoiceFirst Campaign: My Uncle Will from Families Speaking Up! on Vimeo.

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