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FSU member weighs in on events at ADA celebration…..why doesn’t everyone have “a seat at the table?”

Micki Edelsohn deserves an apology

I’m still trying to process my experience on Saturday at the ADA 25th anniversary celebration in Dover. Invited by Micki Edelsohn to visit her Families Speaking Up table, upon my arrival it quickly became apparent that she and her group were not welcome. Not only was Micki not given “a seat at the table,” she wasn’t even allowed to stand near a table. To my astonishment, this woman, inducted into the Delaware Women’s Hall of Fame for her passionate dedication to the developmentally disabled, was told by three Dover police officers to remove her information from the space Special Olympics had generously offered to share with her.

Bewildered and confused, when Micki questioned why she was being asked to leave, they responded the groups’ views were in opposition to the gathering. Then, this woman whose Homes for Life Foundation has helped provide 25 outstanding group living situations for the developmentally disabled in the State of Delaware, was stalked all afternoon like a criminal. Where did this come from…who is feeling so very threatened?

On a day set aside to celebrate inclusion and civil liberties, somebody really dropped the ball. Sorry State of Delaware. I know the pot is small and the need is great; but come out from behind your desks and spend some time in a clinic, a special classroom or a real life home of someone with special needs.

Not everyone will fit in your mold and Micki advocates for the neediest. Micki deserves a very public apology.

Susan Thaler-Leshem


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