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My sister, Mary

My sister is 52 years old and has intellectual as well as physical disabilities. My sister has fallen through the cracks her entire life. Her disability isn’t severe enough… She can never live on her own, but falls short of the DDDS requirements to qualify for housing assistance. She has lived her entire life with our parents. Our mother suddenly passed away last year and now my 82 year old father struggles to care for her. My brother and I can’t handle the demands of her physical limitations. She’s currently in a Nursing Facility recovering from a series of falls. She’s no longer able to do steps which makes going back to my father’s home impossible as there is no bathing facility or bedroom on the first floor. We’ve been turned down by every independent and nursing facility due to lack of beds or they don’t handle “bariatric” patients. We haven’t given up and will continue to try and find a situation that is in the best interest of our sister.

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