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Trying to get information on who actually controls the boards of disabilities as we try to stop the closure of work shops in Ohio each department or politician we speak to pass us off saying they have no control of what is happening in our county the superintendent chose to try and close a workshop without prior conversations with any of the families or stakeholders and is very angry that the families have stood up to him and said no to being moved over twenty miles away to another workshop that is located in a rural area away from their community and families as though to hide them away from the community taking the program back 50 years hoping for some information to help our situation my son loves working at this workshop along with his coworkers it’s population was around 80 but it dropped to 59 once the first few stakeholders were forced to move. The workshop my son attends is located in the community where they
live and participate in socially and,economically with their natural supports

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