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Marcie’s Forever Advocate

Marcie at the age of 50 had her first serious illness and spent several weeks in the hospital. The majority of her stay was in ICU and the treatment, continual care was outstanding; however, that changed when she moved to the step down floor. changed. During that time, it was evident that care for a person with a disabiity with limited speech was not something this hospital floor had time for. Thankfully, Marcie has a great supportive family. We ensured that Marcie had the continual care she deserved. I now have the same fear my parents had, what if I was not here to be Marcie’s voice, who will be that voice if I am unable. I think about Marcie’s friends who don’t have family or friends to provide that extra guidance or be that voice to others not listening. With the population of older adults with disabilities increasing, are the hospitals and nursing homes prepared, how do you bring about that change?

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