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Teesie Bonk- Letter to the News Journal Editor RE: Sheltered Workshop Article

The measure of a society is how we care for those of us less fortunate and who are unable to advocate for themselves. Reading the recent article on sheltered workshops it seems that the path of least resistance and cost is to develop a one size fits all solution. If that size doesn’t fit your situation, too bad for you.

I found the jaded views of Daniese McMullin-Powell very troubling. My brother with Down Syndrome is 52 and works at the Elwyn Center. It is McMullin-Powell’s comments that are degrading, not sheltered workshops. Where will these individuals work? What business person in today’s economy would hire a disabled person over another if minimum wage is thrown into the mix? She goes on to cite a negative situation but ignores all of the positives. I see the pride my brother and others take in having a job. The happiest day of the week is when he walks into the house with his paycheck.

If the state’s plans are implemented, a small minority, who already have the capacity to work in the community, will be showcased — with the majority left with no meaningful options and no sense of purpose.

Teesie Bonk

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