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Eric Elias – Letter to the News Journal Editor RE: Sheltered Workshop Article

Persons with special needs deserve changes

In regards to Monday’s “Uneasy Crossroads” article, the transition and placement of the special needs community is the weak link and changes need to be made. What worked 30 years ago may not be as effective today.
First, the school systems and the providers are two separate entities. They do little to coordinate and plan strategies for individuals together. The schools will not release personal information due to privacy issues. The providers in most cases start from scratch and end up placing the individual in these shares workplaces.

Second, The transition process is left mainly with the parent or guardian. Parents need to navigate through the various providers and select a provider that is correct with limited information beyond brochures and web sites.

Third and most important is assessment, I cannot understand why there is not a facility in Delaware where students can go and be assessed on vocational abilities. The school system will determine whether a student can add, but can the student swing a hammer, paint a wall or is better with their hands than their head?

Perhaps, if he were better assessed, Eric Elias would not have had to be in a workshop for “many years.”

Richard Hiddemen

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