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Howard Zucker- Letter to the News Journal Editor RE: Sheltered Workshop Article

Should be competitive employment for all

We are very concerned about the possible closure of group homes and sheltered workshops. Our son had worked at the Elwyn Center about 10 years before he was fortunate enough to get employment at MBNA. While he was at Elwyn he was treated with respect and dignity. He looked forward to going to work and being productive. He was part of a community and made many friends which was evident when you saw him saying goodbye to his fellow workers at the end of the day.

It is untrue and cruel to state that sheltered workshops are demeaning; ask the men and women who work there. They will state that they are doing meaningful work and earning like everyone else.

In a perfect world, there would be competitive employment for every citizen. Employers would develop programs to assist people with special needs. This is not a perfect world as is evidenced by the large number of unemployed in Delaware as well as the entire United States.

Our special needs people are the first to lose their jobs when the economy has a downturn. Even in good times, employers are reluctant to hire. Everyone should have the opportunity to wake up in the morning and feel that they have something meaningful & rewarding to do. Don’t take this away from them.

Howard Zucker

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