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Marcellina is 48 years old and the youngest of 7 children. I could go on for hours talking about Marcie and the joy she brings to so many people. After my father took ill, Marcie moved in and has joined my family, with myself and another sister sharing guardianship. We are blessed to have a large family with 3 sisters who share in the care of Marcie, ensuring she has a fulfilled life. During the day Marcie attends Easter Seals Community Experience and has thrived there. She has worked in different groups, working at Visiting Nurses, volunteering at Governor Bacon, churches and enjoying social activities. Marcie is in a safe, controlled environment with staff leaders that provides great direction that genuinely cares about the clients.

The arrangement has been perfect for our family. When Marcie moved in, along with my sisters, assisting in the care of my father, raising my own family; however, Marcie required a routine to maintain her groove and life. I also work full-time, so needless to say, it is extremely important to our family that an environment such as Easter Seals is available to Marcie. We are lucky to have transportation with Easter Seals as well, which is a plus.

My mother was a key contributor for education, a leader in raising awareness and the building of the Douglas School. She researched and connected with leaders and lawyers to understand and together my parents prepared a safe future for Marcie. Now I need to take action. I have started to relive my parents’ concerns: will Marcie live longer, what if I become ill, who will care for Marcie? All those worries have been passed to another generation. No story is the same, and there is not one model that fits each person or the family.

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