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Is Employment Possible

Somewhere, I keep telling him…. they keep telling me he needs assisted work….really, well he worked for 3 months at the car wash on his own and did fine…I even had the U of D call them and the
DVR….what next for him, no telling….suppose to be working soon, I have heard this statement for over 5 years now….he is attending night school, doing okay, but loves being there and the school is accomodating him as much as possible…will there be a day he can pass the test, no one knows, not even the school, he still continues taking the tests, and passing them…crazy…will he ever have a job, why are we not teaching skills on the things he loves, annimals, cars, well we are still trying and here we are 25 years old and only worked for three months due to me finding the job for him…..what should we do, help us help him…

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