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Tia’s Story

I have lived at the Mary Campbell Center (MCC) for over twelve years, and now recognize it was a good decision for me to come here. I say “now recognize” because I was always given the impression that life inside a facility such as MCC was a life with one tribulation after another. But I haven’t found that to be the case at all. Living here has given me opportunities to participate in programs that move my limbs over eight times a week, have a speech device with back up support and assistance available at least four days a week, and educational programs and activities are available every day. Special programs are often offered in art,dance,and music. Medical care is available 24/7. I haven’t had a pressure sore, but if I do have one in my future, I know there is a wound care nurse in addition to the several nurses who will see that wound. And I haven’t even discussed the health benefits of the pool to nearly every resident. I spent the years before MCC, by comparison, in relative isolation, seeing an occupational therapist about twice a week, and paying for a ride to get to physical therapy, to do grocery shopping and for any social interaction. And I can do so much because I live with approximately 60 other people with disabilities. And if there is a call off or no show, or inclement weather, the loss is absorbed by the remaining staff, rather than unloading on one likely exhausted family or unrelated caregiver who may also face repercussions in his or own employment. The care I get at MCC simply cannot be replicated without losing the many benefits listened above. It may be a little cheaper,but is akin to dismantling a wellness program located within the construct of a home environment supported by nursing.

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