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Uncle Ross

My name is Megan and my uncle, Ross, resides in an assisted group home in Newark, DE. I want to share my Uncle’s story.

My now 61-year-old Uncle Ross came to live with my sister Nancy and I after my Aunt died from breast cancer and the guardian that she thought would care for him was no longer willing to do so. After a few difficult months he subsequently dropped Ross off at a hospital in northern New Jersey and refused to pick him up. Ross was later placed in emergency respite care. We were notified and went to NJ to visit him. We were very unhappy with his care there, with no one to visit and assure that his needs were being met. We brought him to Delaware, became his legal guardians, and started the process here. It was a long, very drawn out process, but he now resides in a group home in Pine Meadows and has a family of three other great men who he loves dearly. The caregivers are great with them. He is happy at his job, home and social life. He wants the independence of being “on his own”, but has the support that he needs. One model does not work for all.

This is a choice that we have made for Ross. He needs support. He is not living in his home against his will. My sister and I both work full time jobs, have families and responsibilities. I work as a school nurse, work part-time at Christiana Care, and work at Student Health at the U of D every other weekend. I can’t adequately care for Ross. Ross deserves to have a full life of his own. BUT, Ross cannot make decisions fully on his own. He is VERY easily influenced by others, he does not make wise food choices, he can’t drive, manage money, drive himself to the doctors, drive to Special Olympic activities, or for that matter choose appropriate clothing, manage his personal hygiene, take medications as prescribed, or do his laundry independently. This choice works for HIM and OUR family.

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