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Our son Larry

Our son, Larry, is 47 years old and has resided in a group home in Hawthorne Estates for 14 years.
Larry has an intellectual disability and legally blind. He is employed at Bank of America.
We think this is the best arrangement for Larry. The four men in the home function as a family.
We wanted Larry to be settled in a happy environment before we became too elderly to care for him at our house.
He is presently in a stable environment where he is comfortable and his needs are taken care of. His welfare is monitored by the state as well as the contracted agency Bancroft. It would be extremely traumatic for him to make any changes in his housing placement.
We have been comforted by the fact that he is in a stable, permanent home that he enjoys and has become a part of a “family” of young men who share common interests and have proven to be able to live harmoniously. We strongly urge that this model which has proven to be so successful not be dismantled.

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