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My son Will

My 37 year old son Will has cognitive disabilities and has lived in a Benedictine group home for the last 5 years. He is a very willing worker but has not been able to maintain a job in the community due to his emotional and social disabilities. He has been attending Service Source every weekday for the last 5 years. Service Source has worked with Will in such a manner that has enabled him to work successfully in various assembly jobs. Will enthusiastically looks forward to working at Service Source every day. It would be a huge loss in Will’s life if he did not have Service Source to go to during the day. Interacting with staff and peers has enabled Will to mature as person. He is learning socialization skills and is in an environment where he can practice the behavior advancements he has learned. Community employment is not an option for Will at this time in his development. I don’t know of anything else that would benefit Will better than Service Source. A harmful void would exist without places like Service Source. My wish is for continued support for more places like Service Source to help more people with disabilities have a more fulfilling life.

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