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Kevin’s story

My son Kevin lives in a group home in Delaware and has since 1997. He has now lived almost 40% of his life in the same home. If he could describe his home setting, he would say he has friends like him who share the same activities while having some individual space. He likes the focus of the activities which he participates in, like Special Olympics, Wi, Choral Group.

He has his own room and independently does a limited amount of simple tasks, like making his bed.

I often think what Kevin’s life would be if he lived at home or with another family. I believe he would very much say he wants the group home setting. It affords him the activities and shared environment in which he is comfortable. When Kevin does come home, he finds very little to do and focus of the activities are not always what he wants. He has to constantly
adapt to who is caring for him. In a few words, “he is lost”. He would be devastated if was removed from the present setting.

Kevin works during the week in the Bank of America program. He seems to like the people he works with and the tasks he does. It has given him a safe and stimulating environment during the day.

If he could share his thoughts with others, he would say, “I like my life as it is today, please don’t change it”.

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