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A Provider Agency’s point of view

I would like to share my story. I have worked in this field for 20 years with people with Acquired Brain Injury, Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. I have supported people who live on their own, at home with their families and in various campus and group living situations. The only constant thing these people share is that they are all different and have different support needs. To say that only select models of supports are appropriate for all is a mistake. Even group living situations have different models and supports. The key is to find the model that works for each person.
As funding becomes scarce I am concerned that people will turn to certain support models and tout greater independence and life fulfillment to support cost cutting measures. In my experience, when people are not properly supported they end up costing more across their lifetime with increased support needs, hospitalizations and even the criminal justice system. In addition, some people find themselves in abusive and neglectful situations because of the money that they receive to support their needs and independence. For some of these people no one had oversight of their supports because they were in the care of a family member. Again, this is not the case for all people but even one life is far too great a cost.

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